UX EdgeTM — Touchscreen Audience Engagement Plaform

The UX EdgeTM infotainment digital platform offers a innovative and immersive user engagement experience. Argent Edges is dedicated to closing the digital divide and empowering communities to become more technologically advanced at an accelerated pace. Our platform offers a range of entertainment options, event information, directions, environmental analytics, and cutting-edge technologies and applications that engage individuals of all ages. By strategically placing our platform in highly frequented pedestrian areas within communities, we provide a creative avenue to captivate and engage your target audience.

Enhance Engagement and Customer Satisfaction

UX EdgeTM Kiosks

The UX-Edges™ is the ideal experiential kiosk. It is a high-performance integrated edge computing kiosk that delivers information, education and entertainment in public settings. Argent Edges offers two versions – outdoor and indoor — with the flexibility to meet the changing demands and environments of your audience.

The Audience Experience

The future of public spaces is here – The UX EdgeTM interactive digital experience. Digital kiosks help cities/venues and businesses increase reach and engagement. UX EdgeTM delivers entertainment, information, directions, tours, advertisements and connections for the walking public to enjoy and interact.

Engage Consumers Who Are Just Steps Away From Spending


Looking for an individualized form of advertising that offers the opportunity to reach the walking public along daily routes, in sports arenas, in multi-housing locations or educational campuses? Look no further than UX EdgeTM locations, which provide brands with exclusive access to highly desirable consumer groups that may have limited exposure to other advertising platforms. By advertising on UX EdgeTM kiosks, brands can position themselves for campaign success, as they will be reaching audiences who actively engage in shopping, dining, and leisure activities.

Display static digital or 10-second video ads seen every 2 minutes 24/7. Monthly viewership reporting including age group and gender.

Ad Views (Thousands)

Impressions (Thousands)

Gaze Rate (Percent)


Intent to Purchase


Make Physical Purchase

Community Matters. Action Counts.


The UX Edge™ kiosks developed by Argent Edges are an integration of next-generation
technologies and networking, art/graphic design, marketing, and video gaming concepts that
create an experiential learning engagement. We are committed to helping train and develop the
next generation workforce and entrepreneurs, especially from underserved areas of our

Our Educational Seminar and Kiosk Video Gaming Challenges (KVG) are designed to:

  • To engage students and the community in smart technology opportunities and fun
  • To expand the lens of students with an up-close understanding of the power of STEM
    education, next-generation technologies, and career opportunities
  • Donate a portion of each Kiosk Video Gaming Challenge event to support technology
    education and programs in local high schools and community colleges


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