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The Smart EdgesTM infotainment digital platform is a creative, experiential user engagement at the Edge. By putting the User Experience (UX) first, Argent Edges is helping bridge the digital divide and make communities smarter faster. Entertainment, events, environmental analytics and evolving technologies and applications are engaging people of all ages. Dedicated to engaging underserved communities and people is one of the ways we work toward building a diverse ecosystem where all people are better. Finally, a digital platform solution that is smart.

Making Technology Smarter for Everyone.

Engaging Interactive Infotainment

  • Smart Cities Innovation
  • Dynamic Virtual Engagement
  • New Applicatons and Solutions
  • Cyber Security and Privacy Assurance
  • AI Predictive Analytics

Community Engagement

  • Events and Promotions
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Health and Safety Information
  • Public Announcements
  • Visitors Information and Directions
  • Branding and Awareness
  • Attractions and Things to Do

Expanding Technology Education

  • Supporting STEM Education
  • Encouraging Internships
  • Exposing Technology Through Gaming
  • Assisting with Curriculums
  • Mentorships
  • Emphasis on the Underserved

Argent Edges is committed to entertain, inspire, connect and educate
through our dynamic interactive digital platform.


An Experiential Engagement (UX)


Interactive Infotainment Experiences

Information (Dining, Shopping, Maps, Things to Do, Surveys…)

Enhanced Customer Service

Enterainment (Video Gaming, Trivia, Puzzles, …)

Community Engagement


Smart Edges Productions -- Experiential Events

Video Gaming Competitions

Live Streaming

Music and Art

Festival Coverage

Advertising Opportunities

Additional Revenue Stream

Data Analytics & Reporting (Impressions, Views and Clicks)

Operational Efficiencies

Environmental Analytics

3 Dynamic Platforms. Infinite Possibilities.

Smart EdgesTM Kiosks

Smart EdgesTM Kiosks provide an innovative smart way for businesses to connect their product and services with customers. The infotainment customer experience delivers entertainment, information and connections for the walking public to enjoy and interact.

Experiential Events

Experiential events in the community provide include video gaming competitions, live streaming music and concerts, art galleries and more. All provide exciting opportunities to highlight your brand, products and services.

Gabi Office Network

The Gabi Office Network introduces an entirely untapped marketing channel with guaranteed viewership, 8900+ locations around the U.S. and 100% user-initiated viewing.

Exclusive Advertising Opportunities

Smart EdgesTM kiosks deliver an innovative market experience coupled with real-time market intelligence. Advertisers can leverage hyper-localized advertisements to connect closer and more directly to the consumer.

Display of  static or video ads delivers a new and unique advertising channel.

Monthly Viewership Reports

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