About Us

Building Exciting Experiential Engagements

Argent Edges strives to create technology-based ecosystems that connect and empower people everywhere. We do this through respect (people, environment, clients and team members), integrity, collaboration, diversity of thought, education/training, innovation, continuous learning and accountability. We connect businesses, people and communities to smart technological experiential interactions that entertain, inform and engage.

Our Values

Argent Edges is built upon a foundation

of valuing

The power of PEOPLE



And asking WHAT IF…

Trusted Partner

Argent Edges works in partnership with you, the community and your customers to deliver the best in experiential engagements.

Added Revenue Opportunities

We build an addition revenue streams for our customers through engaging advertising and sponsored events.

Fast & Responsive

Our technical staff and network monitoring insure operational standards are met and improved continually.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee an dynamic experience for you, your customers and the general public.

Our Leadership

Built upon a foundation of VALUING the power of people, technology, diversity and asking what if…

Ray Moya

Chief Executive Officer

Ray is the founder and architect of Argent Edges and its experiential digital offerings. He has utilized his corporate and entrepreneurial business and network engineering experience to help drive IoT platforms and  products/ services that are helping to build a better community and world.  He holds several patents. Bachelors’ In Business Administration and a Master’s in Technology (combined Business, Law and Engineering).

Terri Quinton

Chief Marketing Officer

Terri leads the Argent Edges’ marketing and sales team. Terri utilizes her corporate, entrepreneurial and community involvement experience to deliver executable marketing and communications to strategically position Argent Edges and its offerings in the marketplace. Prior to joining Argent Edges, Terri managed her own marketing agency focused on the growth of diverse businesses. Terri holds computer science and marketing degrees.

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Find out how we can expand your digital footprint using smart infotainment experiences, while delivering new revenue opportunities for your bottomline.