Welcome to Arlington Texas!

Welcome to Arlington, Texas …A World of Wonderful!

Looking to have a ball on vacation? Be a good sport and head to Arlington, Texas. Arlington, a community that today ranks among the 48 most populous cities in the country, but which began life as a struggling and besieged frontier fort established when Texas was still a republic. Fifteen U.S. cities, towns and villages across the nation bear the name “Arlington,” the largest of which in both area and population- as befits the bigger-in-Texas mode – resides in the Lone Star state.¬†With a population of more than 365,000 and spread across 100 square miles, Arlington is located precisely midway between Dallas and Fort Worth. In both population and area it has a unique distinction other than its 49-in-population standing. It is the largest “mid” city in America.

Single players, spectators and team members – no matter your travel style, we have a play-cation for you.

Enjoy and stay as long as you like!